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Assistant Director Services

Film Slate Marker

David Freedman

First Assistant Director / Second Assistant Director

• UK / London based with 8+ years' experience

• Produced and PM'd Features, Shorts and more

• Studied film and practical filmmaking at London Met

• Studied Production Management at NFTS


I have a passion for filmmaking and lots of experience of assistant directing and production managing low-budget productions. I studied filmmaking at London Met and production management at the National Film and Television School where I was a Sargent Disc Scholar. I am well-travelled (60+ countries) and after university took a detour into publishing for a decade before returning to filmmaking. I have assistant directed several micro-budget features, most recently Homeless Ashes (Dir. Marc Zammit), an award-winning drama about a young boy who grows up on the streets of London, which had a market screening at Cannes, premiered at Raindance, had a theatrical release with Everyman Cinemas and was picked up by Indie Rights. Previously, I firsted The Liberator, directed by Ben Lettieri, a UK low-budget action feature, which won multiple awards and was picked up by Leomark Studios. I have also stood in the director's shoes myself, having directed two shorts, which gives me a greater understanding of the supremely important director / 1st AD relationship. In 2019 I was selected for the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew talent development programme. Most recently I've also much experience on High-end studio productions, where I've put my 1st AD experience to good use as a Covid Supervisor for The Walt Disney Studios, for shows incl Pinocchio (Dir. Robert Zemeckis) starring Tom Hanks, and the new Indiana Jones sequel (Dir. James Mangold) starring Harrison Ford.


















Experienced at breaking down scripts and producing schedules from small shoots to complex filming with stunts, SFX and VFX. Extensive knowledge of the organisation and processes of film shoots, of each department as well as of production and postproduction techniques to advise on best allocation of time and funds for creative execution. Can offer insightful schedule suggestions to reduce time but maintain production value. Experienced in managing teams and can lead personnel through production meetings. Can utilise extensive industry knowledge to advise on pre-production including crew, kit, locations, vendors and more. Experienced at attending location scouts / recces with Director & HoDs to assess adequacy, facilities and identify potential problems. Can plan and coordinate shoot logistics in UK and abroad. Will regularly communicate and coordinate with Producers, Dir, HODs, Execs, Cast & Crew in all areas especially relating to achieving creative objectives and optimizing schedule and budget.



Experience running the show / managing the day-to-day shoot during the production phase to schedule. Will manage and supervise cast and crew and coordinate all departments so each is ready precisely when they are needed. Have great set etiquette and will set and maintain a rapid pace coupled with attention to detail. Will proudly bring the director's dream to life and on schedule, whilst making the process a fun and positive experience for all. Ensure talent is happy. Mediate any issues. Can offer quick and smart solutions to unforeseen problems and remain calmly adaptable throughout. Have experience working with action vehicles, animals, armourers, child actors, cranes, crowds, drones, green screens, motion capture, multi-cam, prosthetics, sets, SFX, stunts, underwater filming and more. Can oversee and facilitate last minute scheduling changes to keep the film on time and within budget. Will ensure production equipment and assets are secure and that the shoot adheres to health and safety requirements.

  • Personable, professional and proactive

  • Hard working and good under pressure

  • Highly literate and numerate

  • Business and project management skills

  • Organized and efficient with attention to detail

  • Excellent time-management and multitasking

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Team work and leadership

  • Confidentiality and discretion

  • Calm effective problem prevention and solving

  • 1st Option Emergency First Aid certificate

  • Mental Health First Aider

  • 1st Option H&S Management of Productions

  • 1st Option Managing Covid Risks on Production

  • Screenskills Covid Awareness on Production

  • Full and clean EU driving licence

  • Car with business insurance

  • UK Passport with over 6 months until expiry

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, G suite and Dropbox

  • Script Breakdowns, Final Draft, Schedules, DOODs

  • Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting

  • Child licensing, casting, crewing and kit hire

  • DBS checked

  • Contracts; PACT, Equity, BECTU,

  • PM Software: Crewstart, Setkeeper, Engine, Scenecronize

  • Risk Assessments and Health & Safety awareness

  • Knowledge of Guild and union rules

  • Covid Protocols, method statements & compliance

  • Location agreements, permits and insurance

  • Travel, accommodation & catering plans and booking

  • Cost Books, purchases orders, DPO, invoices, receipts

  • Call Sheets, movement orders, consent forms, releases

  • Leading & managing production meetings, office & set

  • Calling the Roll, Set and Walkie etiquette

  • Management By Walking Around

  • Daily Progress Reports, hot costs and wrap notes

"David is one of the best 1st AD's I have worked with and I would highly recommend him to film productions in the early stages of recruiting. He is diligent, hard working, a good communicator and most importantly a good team player."

Mark Jeavons, Director & Producer of 'Whatever Happened To Pete Blaggit'


"David is the best 1st AD I have ever worked with. His calm temperament, good communication skills and dry sense of humour were the blood to my directing engine on set - if possible, he will be my 1st AD on every project I ever do."

Lance Nielson, Director & Producer of 'The Journey'

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