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David Freedman

Line Producer / Production Manager


•UK / London based with 5 years experience as a Line Producer

•Worked on numerous Features, Shorts, Web Series, Commercials and more

•Studied film and practical film-making at London Metropolitan University

•Additionally hold BA in Politics and A-level in Business studies

•Attended BFI Network 'Producer's Lab' talent development programme



I have a passion for film-making and lots of experience of producing and production managing low-budget productions. I am a Film London Breakthrough Producer and studied film-making at London Met and production management at the National Film and Television School where I was a Sargent Disc Scholar. I have produced several micro-budget features, most recently Homeless Ashes, an award winning drama about a young boy who grows up on the streets of London, which had a market screening at Cannes, a theatrical release with Everyman Cinemas and was picked up by Indie Rights. Under the Radar, a biographical doc about actor Mike Edmonds (Time Bandits) features interviews with Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Colin Firth and was selected for Film London Breakthrough Screenings. Both films premiered at Raindance. I have attended markets including Marche, AFM, Berlin & Film Art. In 2019 I was selected for the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew talent development programme.



Personable and professional, proactive and hard working, highly numerate with business and project management skills, organized and efficient with attention to detail, excellent time-management and multitasking, engaging with strong written and verbal communication skills, Team work and leadership, confidentiality and discretion, calm effective problem prevention & solving.



Am Extremely proficient in the business & management as well as the production aspects of film-making. Have produced internationally multi-award winning Features & Shorts. Proven track record in production management and throughout project life-cycles from development to distribution and in meeting and exceeding project expectations. Made successful applications to the BFI and worked on projects with successful SEIS investment raises and with successful crowdfunding campaigns and in attracting small investors totalling over £500K in funding.


Experience of multi-location domestic & international productions. Familiar with shoots utilizing Arri Alexa, Blackmagic, Red, Sony, Super 16mm and other cinema camera formats in multi-camera shoots. Managed two complex projects simultaneously, keeping them on schedule and within budget. Experience of organising, marketing and attending film festival submissions & screenings, private and theatrical screenings and film market attendance as well as meeting and negotiating with distributors and signing distribution deals.


Experienced at creating and completing complex and demanding budgets and organising and managing productions ranging from high-budget professional shoots to low-budget guerilla shoots with limited resources. Experienced organising 2nd units, splinter units, foreign shoots and crews, non-actors, crowds, child actors, car rigs, low loaders, tracking vehicles, cranes, motion control, VFX and green screen, SFX, stunts, fights, armourers, squibs, prosthetics, night filming, aerial and underwater filming, intricate art department builds and more. Extensive knowledge and experience of using Excel, Celtx, Final Draft, Movie Magic Budgeting, and other software to create budgets, cost reports and other documents.


Development / Pre-production:

Experience of producing thorough and insightful feedback notes on the artistic, commercial and practical strengths & weaknesses of a screenplay. Available for script consulting. Extensive experience of breaking down scripts and preparing budgets. Can forecast accurately and draw up all kinds of filming budgets from small location shoots to large sound stage filming and set builds. Experience and research ability to generate realistic cost projections for all budget line items. Extensive knowledge of both the technical processes of film shoots and of each department as well as of production & post production technologies to advise on best allocation of funds for creative execution and offer insightful budget suggestions to reduce costs but maintain quality.


Can provide business strategy and perform business administration. Have setup production companies including Special Purpose Vehicles and am familiar with Companies House and HMRC processes and documents, and bank account setup. Experience in investor pitch deck creation and crowdfunding campaign creation. Have worked on multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns. Experience in web design and building social media presence. Experience of both bringing on and liaising with a Casting Director and casting directly, plus dealing with agents, issuing NDAs etc. Can make sure time-frames for creation and delivery are realistic.


Can coordinate pre-production including recommending and negotiating the hiring of HoDs & crew, sourcing suppliers and equipment rentals, purchases and locations to budget, utilising knowledge of crew rates, employment guidelines and kit house rates and can generate appropriate contracts for hire. Available for contract consulting. Experience of organising and overseeing prop & set builds. Can organise optimal shoot dates and plan and manage shoot logistics including cast & crew travel , accommodation & catering arrangements in the UK and abroad. Can obtain requisite documents, releases, permits, clearances, certificates and approvals from local and national agencies and can recommend and facilitate production Insurance policy. Will generate and retain digital copies of all production documents, invoices & receipts.


Will regularly communicate and coordinate with cast & crew, especially other senior crew: production manager, 1st AD, HoDs, other producers, DP and director in all areas especially relating to achieving creative objectives and optimizing schedule & budget, including streamlining production dates and generating cost savings. Can lead personnel through production meetings and conference calls to fine tune shoot details and to ensure everyone is clear moving forward, fully aware of what to expect and have the resources needed to perform the work.



Will oversee and monitor the daily activities and progress of the production, approve and control expenses, ensure talent is happy and mediate any issues. Can offer quick and smart solutions to unforeseen problems and remain calmly adaptable throughout. Will oversee last minute scheduling changes to keep the film on time and within budget. Will ensure production equipment & assets are secure and that the shoot adheres to health and safety requirements. Will track and report daily departmental costs / generate cost reports in Excel, reconcile the budget and oversee payroll, invoices and payments.


Post-Production / Festivals, Markets & Distribution:

Will coordinate and track all post production activities including the work of editors, composers, sound designers and VFX supervisors and ensure timely Post completion on schedule and within budget. Can clear or license music, stills and video archive footage and be liaison point for rights and legal queries. Experience of managing festival strategy and submissions and of attending numerous film festivals in the UK, Europe, US & elsewhere, meeting with festival directors, acting as production representative and giving screening introductions, interviews and Q&As.


Experience of organising trips to, setting-up meetings at and attending multiple film markets including LA's AFM, Cannes' Marche du Film, Hong Kong's Film Art and Film London's Breakthrough, acting as production company representative and leading meetings with numerous international sales agents & distributors. Have negotiated and signed distribution contracts with distributors for multi platform VOD as well as physical DVD releases. Available for contract consulting. Overseen final asset deliverables to distributors. Experience creating and overseeing press, print, promo and social media campaigns. Can act as liaison point and ensure distribution contract compliance by both sides over the term lifetime. Engaged with distributors to generate initiatives to drive viewing figures. Audited periodic accounting figures and confirmed contracted allocation of sales revenues.



First Aid Certificate / DBS cleared / Full clean driving licence & own car insured for business use. Confident driving vans & minibuses / References available upon request.

"I've worked on many productions, from guerilla filmmaking in the UK to the backlot of Universal Studios in LA, and I can quite easily hold my hand up and say that David is the best Producer I have ever worked with."
Ben Lettieri, Director & Producer of 'The Liberator'